Jay’s ready to go to work for you.  

He will work with the community to find common sense solutions for issues facing Reno today.

Jay can help lead the effort to find and implement solutions for workforce housing and public safety because both are important for Reno’s recovery from the pandemic and for our sustainable future.

As a Reno City Councilmember, Jay will work to:

  • Increase accessibility to workforce housing 
  • Assist Washoe County with their efforts to reduce our region’s homeless population
  • Actively engage with his fellow councilmembers and the community to find solutions within the approved master plan for inevitable growth
  • Secure funding for more officers on the streets and more training to serve our growing community
  • Work with economic development leaders and entrepreneurs to create a business environment that fosters job growth 

Jay believes that when the city can help businesses and our community, it should.  And when it can’t, it should get out of the way.  He will gets things done and he is ready to go to work for you.

Please make checks payable to:

Elect Jay Kenny

59 Damonte Ranch Parkway STE B #136

Reno NV 89521