Community Leader.
Small Business Owner.
Problem Solver.


The Time For Change Is Now

Jay believes it’s time Ward 2 has a new councilmember, who knows how to make good business decisions, manage resources, and provide realistic solutions to everyday challenges, especially after what the community has endured throughout the past two years of the pandemic.

Jay is an independent-minded fiscal conservative with two decades of small business experience.  He is focused on bringing regular people together fueled by a new level of bold pragmatism and genuine enthusiasm.   He has the right combination of core business values and good old fashioned common sense to find solutions for the complicated issues that confront us today such as housing and population growth, a stronger funded police presence, the rebuilding of our local economy, and the empowering of parents, not government, to make decisions that are best suited for their families. 

Ward 2 deserves someone with a fresh perspective, someone who can solve problems by bringing people together, and a business owner who understands what it takes to get the economy moving forward. 

Jay will work to find sensible solutions to issues confronting our city today.   

Please make checks payable to:

Elect Jay Kenny

59 Damonte Ranch Parkway STE B #136

Reno NV 89521