Preparing Your Home For Sale

As you begin to take the steps to list, and ultimately sell your property, it is important to consider the following items so as to be able to present your home with the highest appeal, and to the widest clientele possible.

Inside your Lake Tahoe home, begin with removing all personal items, and de-cluttering the space, so as to present a clean slate to the prospective buyers. The intention is to give visitors to the home an idea of the space, with a minimal presentation, so as to allow them to imagine themselves, and their lives, in the home.
If you have items you know you will not want to sell, remove or replace those ahead of time, to avoid later discussion between yourself and the Buyer as to possession of said items.

Clean everything inside, and out. Scrutinize every aspect of the home for faults. A fresh coat of paint, and repairs to broken items, so as to present a well maintained and cared for home, will come to benefit
you not only in the marketability of your home, but during the escrow process as well.

On the outside, ensure that all pine needles, and green waste is removed, and the grounds are manicured. Have the exterior of the home re-painted as well, if appropriate, and have all windows cleaned. Pay close attention to the front door and ensure that it is inviting. A fresh coat of paint, especially a color that contrasts with the home, will make the front door stand out, and invite those outside, in.
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